Walk The Walk

Team Members

[ Shalini | Mitushi | Suruchika ]

The project began with the aim to find new ways to enhance communication between a person and his/her environment. The idea was to think and come up with ideas where a person does not have to do anything that does not come naturally to him/her to talk to his/her computer and/or another person.

The current situation is that, when a person uses the digital media to interact with others, they require the usage of the limited screen space that they have and an input that modifies their natural behaviour. Common input devices such as keyboards, joysticks, mouse etc. fail to use traits such as sitting, walking or even simple gestures such as pinching, swaying wrists etc. The idea behind this interface was to use these common interfaces and use them the way we are most comfortable in and to do this that come most naturally to us.

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