Vaibhav Sharma

Vaibhav Sharma
Post Graduate Student,
Information and Interface Design (IID) 2008-2010
National Institute of Design,
R & D Campus, Bangalore.

e-mail: mc.liamg|ngisedsbav#mc.liamg|ngisedsbav

Assignments :

Exercise 1
Piet Mondrian painting

Exercise 2
Colour change on screen in squares by pressing keys

Exercise 3
Smart window

Exercise 4
A group project with working prototype as output.
We were three people as a group named leading light. We came up with an idea of making a wind vane whose speed will be calculated and will be displayed using a graphical interface using processing. Projects pictorial documentation is linked above with the exercise 3 heading.

Exercise 5
LED blink

Exercise 6
Transfer of signal to chip through serial port

Exercise 7
Arduino: photosensor

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