Swati Asthana

Post Graduate Student,
Design for Digital Experience (DDE) 2010-2012
National Institute of Design,
R & D Campus, Bangalore.

e-mail: ude.din|a.itaws#ude.din|a.itaws / moc.liamg|063.itaws#moc.liamg|063.itaws


Assignment 1 : Hacking the keyboard

This assignment was done by a group of four. We were supposed to use the keyboard PCB in such a way that we don't have to press any actual key and we should get an output! The details are given here .

Assignment 2 : LED counter using button

In this assignment we had to control LED light using a button. We took that to another level and made an 8 segment digital display using LEDs. Each time a button is pressed, the consecutive number is lit. We wrote a program in processing to control the no. of LEDs to be lit. The details can be found here It was done in a group of four.

Assignment 3 : The Axe Game

We had to use a servo motor with 180deg rotation and an RF sensor to design a game as part of this assignment. We designed a game in which the user is supposed to fetch an object from a box. The catch is that there is an axe hanging at the only opening of the box. As the user approaches closer, the axe starts moving faster. The details are given here. This was done in a group of four.

Assignment 4 : Personal Diary

This was the final project done in a group of three. We were given the freedom to do anything on the theme "Electronic Poetry". Through this assignment we literally learnt how to think out of the box. We also learnt the benefits of dirty prototyping. More details of this project can be found here

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