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Chemistry Periodic Table for the Visually Impaired

Thought Direction:

"INTERACTIONS" and how can we bring about them through design ?
Targeting the audience set affected from visual issues, such as visualy impaired or blind people, could involve maximum interactions.
When one cannot see, he orshe must completely rely on the other senses, such as via Olfactory, Tactileness or Listenning ability.
My concept was in the omain of education and to help out blind people to get inspired and go ahead in developing the world to a better place.
Focusing on a particular subject was my idea, such as, Chemistry.
Several objects arround us are made up of tiny particals called atoms. Relating to where the basic fundamentals of Chemistry arise from, I
thought about the usual Perioic Table. This table provides a lot of information regarding element nature and atomic number. And developing one for blind people, would be an exciting venture. This could be a great achievement in terms of the education system they experience. Using the Braille script for them to communicate and understand text via tactile interactions would be an interesting scenario when used for understanding an existing table. With tactile interactions of TOUCH, FEEL, SLIDE, ROTATE, they would also be able to understand what Chemistry is and could bring new changes in future to this planet in several ways.


Top view


Cross section views


Front side view

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