Smart backpack

The assignment brief:

The assignment was to design or think of an application or product or concept which will help in day to day interactions or day to day activities.

Various ideas:

1. Paint while dance
Create a painting when someone dances by capturing his\her gestures.
Attach the sensors to hands and legs and according to the inputs from those sensors create painting on a Canvas.

2. Virtual paint
Use paint application just by moving the hand in the air.

3. Distance indicator
Design a system or some indicator on railway station which will help people to know that train is just half or may be 1 km from platform. If this is
implemented then people can relax till the time the indicator indicates about train arrival, they will not have to bend and whether the train is com or
not or see how far the train is.

4. Wind music
Using motion sensors capture the motion of the leaves and create music by giving those signals as input to a computer.

5. Energy saving door lock
When person locks the door at that time all non required instruments should be switched off. A system in the house which will split the energy
source in the house in the two. One will be given to all essential instruments and product which we do not switch off while going out of the (Computer, fridge, microwave, washing machine etc.). The other one will be given to all the products which one has to switch off while
leaving the (fan, lights, geyser, iron, heater, TV etc). This second energy source will be switched off as soon as a person locks the door
from outside.

6. Virtual mouse
Controlling mouse movements using hand gestures.

7. Chargeable battery operated Tiffin box which will heat the food whenever the button will be switched on.

8. Smart backpack
A backpack will display if all the necessary things are there inside the bag or not.

Smart backpack:

Daily there are things which we carry everyday while going out of the house and some of them are so important that we have to carry them every day. Smart back pack will tell you if you have all essential things with you in the bag. All one has to do is use special stickers on these items. The backpack will detect if those items\objects are inside the bag or not.

Very usual scene when you go out of the house.

You pack your bag in hurry
a b

You are leaving your house

You realize you have forgotten something in the house.

You go back in hurry.

Then you look for it and pick the missing item\object

Here is something which will help you in not forgetting the essential things at home and will save your time, frustration and unnecessary running around.

You have stickes which get sensed by the bag. the bag detects the presence of the object inside the bag.The bag detects if the objects having stickers are inside the bag or not

the objects with stickers:

when you place objects inside the bag the indicator starts changing.


once you have a smart bagpack all you have to do is check if all necesarry indicators are on or not. Right now we have 5 indicators with diffrent color so that we can assign a color to a object.

Future smart backpack:

  • We can have separate indicator and sticker set. We should be able to use it on any bag and make it smart backpack.
  • we can have a display along with the indicators which will show us the names of the objects.
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