Sanket Bindle

Post Graduate Student
Information And Digital Design (2007-09)
National Institute of Design
Gandhinagar - India

e-mail: bindle.sanket[at]

Assignment 1:

Piet Mondrian

A simple program using processing language to reproduce a work of Piet Mondrian.
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Project 1 - (Team):


An interaction where a swing interaction is captured and a reaction is generated in

through a computer.
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Project 2 - (Individual):

Musical Tap Mat

Musical Tap Mat - See on Youtube

An interaction involving the tap of the foot to generate music. The people who can't play
any musical instrument but can tap their foot with the rhythm can play musical instruments

using this mat.
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Assignment 4:

Processing - Arduino Interfacing

Part 1:

Keyboard as Input and LED for Output

Using Keyboard to generate the output where different LED glows corresponding to a different key press.
Arduino IDE is used to compile and burn the code to Arduino board using USB.
Processing is used to detect the key press and pass on this information through a serial port to the Arduino board.

Part 2:

Amount of light to determine the blinking of the LED

The photoresistor was used to control the frequency of blink of the LEDs.
More light reduces the frequency and vice-versa.
Here only Arduino IDE was used as there was no external input device.

Part 3:

Light as Input on Arduino and an Output on the Screen

Photodiode was used to get light as an input on Arduino, the activity of which was monitored through the program running on processing through a serial port and the output was generated on the screen using processing language. Here a square keeps on alternating colours between black and white corresponding to the blinking of the LED.
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