Prachi Nagpal


Boring Geography lectures with all kinds of maps - bombardment with loads of information – just makes it a lot more difficult. The idea here is to make maps fun to use as a tool to learn and using them as a means to enhance interaction and hence help in education process more strongly.
The aim here is to enable the student to work with a intelligent interactive 2D or 3D map rather than just a piece of paper or image to work upon.


This would be the means to go through maps more interactively than we do with Physical maps or online.

Limited Relevant Information should be shown at one time
Hints / Tips to aid memorizing
Landmarks / Added information
Zoom In / Zoom Out , Enlargements , highlights
Rings in a 3D Globe to work with latitudes and longitudes


This mode can be used for cross verification or evaluating oneself. Following things would enhance this system

Speech / Text / Touch Input
Instant Feedback
Hints for assistance
Data Storage ( Lessons / [atterns from Past )


The heart of this system - insertion of data into the system.
The flexibilty and depth of interaction is completley dependent on how information is structured and inserted. Various categorizations could be used to simplify this process.

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