Dhananjay Govekar

Post Graduate Student
Information and Interface Design (2008-10)
National Institute of Design
Bangalore - India

email id : ude.din|g_yajnanahd#ude.din|g_yajnanahd

Assignment 1:

Piet Mondrian

Piet Mondrian's art recreation

In this assignment the work of Piet Mondrian was recreated by writing a program in processing language.

Character input colour output

Colour output for character input

The objective of the assignment was to develop a program in processing language such that it will output a particular unique colour for 4 different alphabets inputed from the keyboard.

Team project:

Logic Action

The main focus of this electronic workshop was to bring in some form of physical interaction, which involved response to or from a computer.We used the swing action of a cricket bat and used it to sense to recognize the different locations on bat where the ball hits.

Individual Project 2

Interactive cradle

An interactive cradle for a baby which will produce a visual and auditory interactive experience whenever the baby starts crying and moving the cradle.The basic idea was to use sound and touch as inputs to create
interactive experience.

Assignment 4:


The assignment was to blink a LED on a circuit board by burning a program into the Arduino microprocessor thus using arduino and processing language to create different interactions with the LED as the device for output.

Assignment 5:

Tranferring signal through serial port

The idea was about developing interaction with Arduino by transferring signal from computer to the chip through serial port.

Assignment 6:

Photosensitive LED

The assignment was to make a LED blink depending on the the intensity of light falling on a photosensor.

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