Mobile for visually impaired

Concept of mobile phone for visually Impaired:


In todays world, mobile has become a necessity. Everyone needs it for one reason or another. At the moment almost 8% of the total population suffers from color blindness in one form or the other. If we consider other forms of visual impaired ness this figure would certainly reach more than 10%. This section finds problems in navigating through the present day mobiles.
In this paper we are proposing navigation and functionality of a mobile phone catering to the visually impaired.

Target User

Color Blindness

For the color blind differentiating red from green is a major problem. This inability might hamper them in navigating through the mobile. We will be using color combinations which help them in navigating properly.

Night/Complete Blindness

Night Blindness is a condition making it difficult or impossible to see in relatively low light.
For people suffering from night and complete blindness we will be giving them audio and tactile feedback.

Design proposed

1. Mobile with proper color combination which will enable color blind people to navigate properly through the mobile.
2. Customized Audio feedback while navigating. The mobile speaks out the functionality you are currently navigating through.
3. Light sensor which will sense the intensity of ambient light. If it is low enough then it will turn on the customized audio feedback system to help people suffering from night blindness.
4. Tactile feedback while identifying buttons. The buttons on the keypads will be embossed. This will help the blind in identifying the button quickly.
5. Mapping the mental model of people in designing the form and functionality of the mobile. Like in our design the FM is accessed by rollers on the side of the mobile. This functionality is particularly useful for the visually impaired
Saurabh Srivastava


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