Mitushi_ Jain

Post Graduate Student
Information And Interface Design (2008-10)
National Institute of Design
Bangalore - India

e-mail: moc.nsm|niaj.ihsutim#moc.nsm|niaj.ihsutim

Project 1 - (Introduction to Processing)

Piet Mondrian

During this assignment I have recreaqted the painting of Piet Mondrian using programing language called 'Processing'.

Project 2 - (Team):

Walk The Walk

An intereraction where the walking expereince has been created into more experintial walk using action scripted game.

Project 3 - (Storyboarding):

Smart Laundry

[View Concept:]

An interaction with Washing Machine using Smart Laundry bag.

Project 4 - (Arduino):

Processing - Arduino Interfacing

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