The concept

The device basically allows you to visualize the wind. It measures the speed at which the wind is flowing and also give a graphical representation in the form of a color coded bar chart. The underlying mechanism is very simple. The central shaft rotates as the wind is caught by the cups on top the central shaft. By calculating the distance (Perimeter of the circle) and the time taken to complete that rotation covering the perimeter we are able to calculate speed of the wind approximately.

What we used

The initial prototype just consisted of plastic container with a mouth that had a hole big enough to fit the central shaft. The shaft had a small notch that was just in contact with the four circuit ends on the perimeter of the plastic box.


As the wind made the shaft to rotate the connection with the open ended circuits were closed and at the end when one circuits was repeated: a rotation was complete thus allowing us to make all the calculations possible.

A Final Prototype

Materials used:
- Wood
- Metal (Cast iron, Aluminium)
- Thermo-coal

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