Key Finder

Key Finder

The amount of time we spent in searching miscellaneous items like a key chain or a specks cover is unbelievable. When calculated over a year it amounts to be more than a day. This is a big loss. But a simple and technological intervention allows you to just call out to your key and it responds to your call, thus making it easy to locate it. This concept can be used for many mundane things that we misplace and save a lot of precious time.


Allows one to interact with a thing as small as a key chain and it responds like a small pet. You won’t have to go through the frustration of abusing it time and again. The possibilities of you losing your temper is far greater than you being able to find it.

Future possibilities

This concept can also be used to connect more than a single object-thus if you have one then you will be able to find all. Thus the tedious and irritating search for things can be eliminated completely.

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