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Interactive cradle for a baby


The idea is to create an interactive cradle that plays around using sound and touch as a medium to create an interactive experience for the baby.


The aim is to design the cradle so that it will interact with the baby with a defined purpose. For this the cradle will basically use sound and touch as input and output mediums to create audio and visual interactive experience. The interactive content of the cradle will be the direct response to the actions and behaviour of the baby.
The cradle will interact with the baby when the baby starts crying and moving with the aim to make things comfortable for the baby. For this cradle will create a fun filled auditory and visual experience for the baby.

Auditory experience :

Sound plays an important role in the interaction of the baby with the world. As the baby in the cradle starts crying in time the sound of the cry will be recognized and detected by the sensors .This will activate the sound system attached to the cradle and it will start playing soothing songs, lullabies or voice of the parents till the baby stops crying , becomes silent and goes to sleep again. The system will continue playing the tunes even fifteen twenty minutes after baby stop crying and moving.

Visual experience :

All that a baby interacts with the world is through sense of sight, sound and touch. Visual experience is the most dominant experience that a baby in the cradle can reftect or respond back to instantly.
Overtime the baby in the cradle will get frustrated, start moving and cry. The movement of the baby in the cradle and the sound of the baby’s cry will be detected by the sensors and recognition systems and will in turn be used to create a visual experience for the baby to calm down the baby.
To create a pleasing visual experience the roof of the cradle will be decorated with artificial and visually attractive stars and ball like objects that will blink with colourful lights to grab the baby attention making it a fun .

Input :
The sound of cry of the baby
The movement of the baby in the cradle

Auditory experience of soothing music and voice of the parents
Visual experience involving blinking stars and lights under the roof of the cradle

Advantages and Usability:
An interactive cradle can be quite useful in situations where parents can’t be all time with the baby. The cradle in this case can be all time companion for the baby.

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