Balloon Orchestra - Music of nature

A installation that creates random tones whenever a balloon touches each other.

By-Anjani K, Kunal Singh, Poorva Khare, Pratik Mistri, Sushmita K

Objective To create interactivity using keyboard.

After the brainstorming session the following ideas came up :
1. Blow & Shoot

Idea is to create a blow pipe with the flash code. Blow pipe will be connected with the keyboard circuit. When person blows in the pipe a dart shoots on the screen. Depending on the angle the dart will hit the target. Angle of the dart can be controlled using mouse roller.

2. Balloon Orchestra

The second idea was to make an interactive area where balloons. Balloons will be suspended with a foil wrapping. Each balloon is randomly assigned with a tone. Whenever balloons will brush with each other a soothing tone will be generated from the computer. Hence, creating natural symphony of sound.

3. Dancing Patterns

According to the dance step a creative graphic is formed on display. Hence giving a dancing pattern of a person can be projected on the wall.

Idea Finalization and Process

After the brain storming we finalized the idea of balloon orchestra.

import ddf.minim.*;

Minim minim;
AudioOutput out;

void setup()
minim = new Minim( this );
out = minim.getLineOut();

void draw() {


void keyPressed(){

if (key == 'c')
out.playNote("C4" );
if (key == 'f')
out.playNote("E4" );
if (key == 'r')
out.playNote("G4" );
if (key == 'x')
out.playNote("A4" );


The balloons were hung in the room to create a melodious experience when different balloons touched each other & produced a melody .

Check Video: Here

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