Ashwini Sukhdeve

Post Graduate Student
Design for Digital Design (2010 - 2012)
National Institute of Design
Bangalore - India

e-mail: moc.liamg|evedhkus.iniwhsa#moc.liamg|evedhkus.iniwhsa, ude.din|s.iniwhsa#ude.din|s.iniwhsa


Assignment 1:

Musical Glass In this assignment, we hacked a keyboard and used it to create and output without a press of a key(literally)! We used this to create a musical glass!

Assignment 2:

LED counter using button This was mini project using LEDs and Arduino board. We created a counter from 0-9.

Assignment 3:

The Axe Game Remember how the you saved yourself from the dangerous axe in the game "Prince" to save your princess. This game was an attempt to make something similar. Reach your toy without cutting your hand!

Assignment 4 :

BroomBot BroomBot is a garbage cleaner for the campus seeing the amount of effort put in by the cleaning staff.

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