Arnab Khound

Information and Digital Design
National Institute of Design
PG Campus,Gandhinagar

email : moc.liamg|dnuohkbanra#moc.liamg|dnuohkbanra

Assignment 1:

Piet Mondrian

Dutch artist who evolved a non-representational form which he termed Neo
-Plasticism.Our task was to imitate his creation with the help of 'Processing'

PROJECT-The Big Foot

Interactive floor gaming

In this project we tried to used a simple keyboard to get the inputs and implemented
a game with foot switches to make it more interactive and engaging.

Assignment 2:

The Giant Leap

This is basically a new concept we want to incorporate with the already existing game that we
implemented.The main concept is use of 3D sound so that would create a better experience for
the user.

Assignment 3:

Color change on Key Press

To write a processing code to change colour of some blocks on key press.

Arduino-Processing Interfacing

Assignment 4 - Keyboard Input/ LED Output

Assignment 5 - Controlling the blinking of LED by controlling the amount of light

Assignment 6 - External input and Input on the screen

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